Established in 1993, Foundation for the Women's Solidarity (FWS) is a Turkey-based feminist non-profit organization fighting all forms of violence against women and building solidarity with women exposed to violence. FSW works with the United Nations and European Union (EU) to render policies and support services for combating GBV more effectively.

The EU-funded project 'Building Solidarity with Women Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV)' included an outreach activity for social media platforms to tackle the widely held wrong beliefs in public about violence against women.

In collaboration with the project team, we worked on ten well-known cliches related to GBV within the Turkish language and converted them to rhetorical questions. The social media posts included simplified descriptions and infographics of legal facts and procedures to inform and encourage action on GBV. 

The main challenge for the "Shatter the Wrong Expand the Solidarity" campaign was to reimagine a frequently covered subject both in text and visuals to attract audience attention online. Based on the social justice gains of the feminist movement from successful social media campaigns and the young audience target, I designed a friendly, bold, and loud layout. 

Purple was used as the signature color of the feminist movement in Turkey, whereas black underlined the gravity of the subject matter. Square and horizontal layouts were used for publishing on different platforms, with Instagram impressions reaching 11,000.

Please click here (link) for the project Facebook campaign.

Kadın Dayanışma Vakfı - Foundation for the Women's Solidarity


Non-profit Organization

Copywriting, Art Direction, Infographics

Nihan Damarlı
Sibel Güneş

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