Hello, I am Ekin, a Turkish graphic designer specializing in information design. 

I bring over five years of experience with local/international organizations for effective visual communication on social issues such as women's rights, migration, and displacement by natural/human-made disasters. Currently I am located at Amsterdam, Netherlands and open for new roles on social good focused projects.

After graduating from the Communications & Design department at Bilkent University in Turkey, I received the Fulbright grant in 2016 for my master's for which I designed a card game for open-minded political conversations at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Design and Creative Technologies.

Humanitarian by day for a world that is just for everybody, I create GIFsdraw simple illustrations, and occasionally make videos at night.


Less Me, More We
Street Exhibition

Canada, 21. Victoria Film Festival
ConVerge for Youth selection for the Gaze (2015).

Slovenia, 13. Luksuz Film Festival
UK, Manchester Animation Festival selections for the Gaze (2015).
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