A visual communication professional with over five years of experience providing strategy and delivering information for awareness and action with local and global organizations.  

I collaborated with international teams in multi-layered contexts to provide data-driven visual information to high-level managements, donors, governmental institutions, key influencers, media, and other wide range of stakeholders. 

Some of the topics I have worked on to strategize and visualize include displacement, access to bread, food, and markets in conflict areas, agricultural and livelihoods supply chains, migration, integration, and women's rights.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I am working towards a climate-positive new normal with the EIT Climate-KIC as a Strategic Programmes Communications Coordinator. 

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After graduating from the Communication & Design department at Bilkent University in Turkey, I received the Fulbright grant in 2016 for my master's at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Design and Creative Technologies.

While I work towards leaving the world better than I found during the day, I create GIFsdraw simple illustrations, occasionally make videosand like blogging at night.

Less Me, More We
Street Exhibition

Canada, 21. Victoria Film Festival
ConVerge for Youth selection for the Gaze (2015).

Slovenia, 13. Luksuz Film Festival
UK, Manchester Animation Festival

Selections for the Gaze (2015).
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