A fresh systems change practitioner, I look at business challenges with a strategic holistic approach of communications, visual design and stakeholder alignment to support multi-funder projects with global/local non-profit and hybrid organizations.
I have developed communications strategies and data-informed design solutions on climate innovation, women's rights, migration, displacement, food aid, agriculture and livelihoods supply chains in conflict areas. Currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I am focusing on climate innovation with the EIT Climate-KIC as a Strategic Programmes Communications Coordinator.
My design practice aims to communicate and form nurturing relationships for sustainable development and systemic transformation to high-level managements, donors, governmental institutions, key influencers, media, and other wide range of stakeholders. I am looking for new hybrid/remote opportunities, let's have a chat.

Contributions, Exhibitions § Festivals
Following my Communication and Design bachelor's at Bilkent University in Turkey, I received the Fulbright grant in 2016 for my master's at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Design and Creative Technologies. While I work towards leaving the world better than I found during the day, I create GIFsdraw simple illustrations, occasionally make videosand like blogging at night.

Less Me, More We
Street Exhibition

Canada, 21. Victoria Film Festival
ConVerge for Youth selection for the Gaze (2015).

Slovenia, 13. Luksuz Film Festival
UK, Manchester Animation Festival

Selections for the Gaze (2015).
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