I am a designer & videographer, and a Fulbright scholar from Turkey. I specialize in digital media and currently advancing my knowledge in user interface design while working at the IOM - UN Migration as a graphic designer.

Before my mid-twenties I have had the opportunity to live in three continents, made friends from the countries all over the world, and experienced beauty of keeping one's heart and mind open. That's why my work always has a focus on social good. I believe in a world that is just for everybody.

I enjoy diving in and researching on design and art history and try to share what I add to my visual library on several platforms:  I have compiled images from the history of graphic design pre-1950s, and continue adding more to that on my Pinterest account. 
I try to write and share what I learn, and love making GIFs.

Please don't hesitate to say hi or drop a link for a good video/song.

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