The United Nations Migration Agency, International Organization for Migration (IOM) , first opened its offices in Republic of Turkey in 1991, formalizing its partnership with the country in 2004.  Since then IOM supported Turkey in drafting the Law of Foreigners and International Protection, and establishing the Ministry of Interior's Directorate General for Migration Management in 2013.

With more than 30 years of operations in Turkey, the mission addresses the full scope of migration issues, supporting and developing government capacity to manage safe, regular, and dignified migration.
IOM branding system was developed by the Media and Communications division at headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 
In my Graphic Designer role at the Public Information Unit, I improved, revised existing assets, and produced new deliverables in line with the branding manual at the Country Office Turkey, the highest funded IOM mission, assisting Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons in Syria through its projects.
Visual Identity

Prepared according to the brand manual provided by the headquarters, branding items often required country-specific adjustments on the information displayed - including the logo - due to operational sensitivities.
Stationery items are distributed annually to all staff and stakeholders for official written exchanges, high-level meetings, and IOM representative offices. 
Signed on December 2018, Global Compact for Migration is an intergovernmentally negotiated agreement to support international cooperation on the governance of international migration. The challenge was to facilitate the readability of the text while keeping the legibility of the text. The poster was distributed to all 6 country offices in Turkey.
I have reorganized the standard operating procedures for information products by developing communication channels within the team and the organization and guided the mission of the brand system for a unified visual voice. 
In addition to improved communication channels, the remodeling production process for the print and visibility items (notebooks, pens, flags, roll-ups etc.) with the Procurement unit enhanced fast and timely delivery for future products.
IOM Turkey collaborates with Turkish Coast Guard through its €30,000,000 Counter Migrant Smuggling project by the provision of search & rescue boats and trainings. Most of the time project names are too long and technical for practical use. This logo has been designed for easy reference to the project and used on visibility materials that are distributed during the trainings.
Buttons like the one above facilitates to create safe and transparent environments for LGBTQi+ individuals while highlighting the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB).
Public Information

The public information materials showcase the operations and achievements of IOM Turkey and are disseminated at public events, workshops, and stakeholder meetings.
These materials provide easy-to-digest information supported with photos on the main programs of IOM Turkey such as Migrant Assistance, Integration, Presence Monitoring, Immigration & Border Management, Labor Migration, Refugee Resettlement and Movement Management, Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery.
The seven main programs of the IOM Turkey office required weekly coverage of activities and the publication of reports, with each unit needing its unique voice to differentiate the information flow for the public. ​​​​​​​
The color palette of the branding system enabled variations of information architecture within busy publishing schedules on different platforms, and new templates provided a quick turnaround of digital and print deliverables for the sub-offices in Istanbul, Gaziantep, Hatay, Şanlıurfa, Izmir, and head office in Ankara.
Social Media 

Social media channels are an opportunity for accountability and transparency pillars of humanitarian work. New templates facilitated timely information flow and allowed the usage of photos from the field on the project activities and beneficiaries. Easily adjustable layouts enabled multi-lingual visuals, addressing the needs of the international audience in Arabic, Turkish, and English.
Improved visibility and communication attracted broader audience by increasing followers and creating additional channels for dialogue on online platforms. These platforms inform the audience on the frequent workshops and events organized by the project teams and covered by the Public Information Unit. ​​​​​​​
Online newsletter design in Mailchimp for IOM Turkey's monthly news. Click here to view the online issue.

Motion graphics design for Cash Based Intervention and Commodity Tracking System videos.
The deliverables increased brand recognition and reputation through public events, improved stakeholder relations by demonstrating the impact of the program teams - hence the funds - and brought more allocations from institutional donors.​​​​​​​

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