The imagery of "ideal woman" created by mainstream movie industry is imposing non-realistic beauty standards. To address this problem I have made a hand-drawn animation video inspired by the movie Gone Girl. The movie has been shown in Slovenia, Canada and UK.
Festival Screenings
Making the Video
The idea emerged from a casual movie watching night. When I was watching the movie Gone Girl the monologue of the main character grabbed my attention and I have found myself agreeing and disagreeing at the same time with the leading actress and her description of this "cool girl" personality. 

When I went back and watched the scene again I have analyzed that the audience is presented with several perspectives: the perspective of the main female character, the perspective of the director depending on how one sees the main character (good vs. evil), the film industry's perspective itself.

On a personal level, I found the movie scene too aggressive for the project and went on to check the text from the novel to see the tone of Flynn's writing. I have used the corresponding text from the same named novel that the movie is based on by Gillian Flynn. Compared to the movie, the novel offered much less aggressive and much more critical, feminist angle.
The text that is used in the video can be found here.
While I was thinking about my senior project, we were talking about feminist film theory in a course and the following section of the class was starting with a piece on Laura Mulvey.  
According to Mulvey, the framing of women on screen, which she defines as the “male gaze” causes objectification of women, devalues them and movie industry keeps feeding it. 
The Idea of Rotoscope
There were three main reasons why I chose this particular technique. 
I like experimenting and I had never tried 2D animation back when I was in college.  I wanted to make something different with Eadweard Muybridge's horse, meaning I wanted to challenge myself with something I have never done before using the foundational video production skills of my undergraduate degree.
Texts on theory can easily become frustrating if not understood systematically. Animation offers the platform to communicate content-heavy material with simplicity.
I wanted my work to be satirical because I disagreed some parts of Flynn's text and I believe ideologies are open for debate and shouldn't be didactic. The idea of being able to manipulate images through transformation directed me to animate.
Photos From the Production Process
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